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Erroneous "monthly maintenance fees" of $2.50 appeared in transaction history before 7th month (as contract states). I called to get funds returned to card.

I was put on hold and then hung up on twice. This seems to be standard practice when you ask to speak to a manager. The funds were taken fraudulently.

The representative claimed that the card was activated in Dec 2009, but the card was bought in June 2010.

It is impossible for the card to be legitimately activated 6 months before it was purchased. The CSR refused to imagine that their "system" could be wrong. When I asked for a supervisor, I waited for about 10 minutes, then the call is dropped on their end.

This exact same thing happened twice.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Dear Visa Insider,

Can you give me more information regarding this stealing activity? I recently bought a $500 Visa Gift Card for $400 from a person on Craigslist.

They said they preferred to have the cash than dealing with the card's limitations... It is sealed in the outer package and they even gave me the receipt from Walgreens - showing the date and time of purchase. The card was confirmed activated on line, and I have used it all up with no problems. I did notice that the acct.

# on the Walgreens receipt did not match the number on the card. Could this person be in the loop with one of these thieves?


Ok so there is no scam from visa on this one what is going on is there is a small ring of thieves going around stealing the cards and replace them with other cards that were not meant for that package and some how sealing them back up and waiting for the package to be scanned and then the cards being activated and the money being stolen off of these cards. I know this cause it happened to me personally.

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